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Villa Mella, Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

What’s in a name?

"Tsidkenu Ministries


When Jackie was a brand new Christian, she and the pastor that led her to Christ were praying and the Lord showed them the verse, Jeremiah 33:16 which says, "In those days Judah will be saved and Jerusalem will live in safety. This is the name by which it will be called: "The Lord Our Righteousness". She did not know what all that meant at the time but years later, when the Lord was calling her and  her husband Hernando to start a ministry in the Dominican Republic, they felt the Lord had already given the ministry a name - The Lord Our Righteousness. In Hebrew, it is translated as Tsidkenu and so was born Tsidkenu Ministries.


The Lord has blessed our ministry with 2 acres of land in a rural area called El Cercadillo, just outside of Santo Domingo.  On this land we have been able to construct, with the help of our wonderful church partners, two dormitories to house boys and girls.  We have a passion to expand our work with children that have disabilities.  We believe the Lord does all things for a purpose! So we have faith that he will provide what is needed to do what is in His will.


In the church, the community will receive Christian instruction but will also function as a school where the children will receive basic education, breakfast and lunch. In addition, our vision includes medical assistance via medical and dental teams.

Hernando sharing the gospel with the kids at La Duguesa. [photo link]




We have made contact with several Haitian villages, which to date have no evangelical churches.  Our desire is to reach out to the children in these villages by providing breakfast and lunch, to also build and maintain a library, have evangelical events and educate the community.  The first Haitian village that we will work with is called La Duguesa.  This community is located near a land fill just outside Santo Domingo.  Most adults in this area make a living by recycling aluminum, glass and bronze from this land fill.


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