Ministering to the women and children at La Duquesa

Outside the capital city, Santo Domingo, a smoking garbage dump receives tons of trash daily. It is said that over 60 years of garbage rest in this dump, and its community now extends over 50 city blocks. Families who live here make than less than one dollar a day picking through waste that includes needles, broken glass, and gaseous toxins. Some even find their food here. Disease, child prostitution, child labor, and human trafficking are rampant. The people of La Duquesa build their lives out of the trash. They live, work, and die here.

Jackie and Hernando, minister spiritually and physically to this forgotten community.

From your donations  and theirs, they are able teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, bring food, clothing and necessity donations.

Children of Duquesa
Children of Duquesa
Children of Duquesa
Hernando teaching at LaDuquesa
Children of Duquesa
Children of Duquesa
Children of Duquesa

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1-849 -205-2500

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