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​Hi, I'm Isaac.  Jackie and Hernando found me when I was 18 months old. I was so dehydrated that the bottoms of my feet were black.  My mom fed me coffee instead of water or milk.  She could not take care of me. The doctor's said I would not live and that Jackie should not bother.  She prayed over me, cared for me and here I am many years later. Now I pray for others.

Jackies House

Claudia & Wilkin

Hi, I'm Claudia.  My family owned a farm, but I had a disability, so I could not help.  I was left to fend for myself. My older brother, Wilkin, was 5 years old and taking care of me when Jackie and Hernando rescued us. They have raised us. My brother loves animals and wants to be a veterinerian. I love art and am being taught math, colors, reading and I got a new wheelchair thanks to donations!

Caronlina, Juan Pablo, Kathryn



Jackies House


Jackies House

Mary Maria & Kamela

Jackies House


Jackies House

Dylan & Lia

Jackies House

Rouse Marie

Jackies House




Hi, I'm Wilderson.  I am one of the newest kids at Jackies House.  I  had Pneumonia, anemia, and serious heart problems which required surgery.  My Mom asked Jackie and Hernado to help. I am doing much better now. Thank you for the Love and the prayers and helping me.

Maria Lisa & Maria Rosa

Hi, We have been at Jackie's House for a long time.  We were found in a cardboard box when we were just babies and brought to Jackie. Jackie tried to help our Mom, but she didn't want help. Jackie loved and helped us. We are learning English and get to go to school now. Maria Rosa wants to be a chef. Maria Lisa loves to do make hair look beautiful.

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